The project was implemented during school year 2019-2020 with the participation of students from all classes in collaboration with Ralleio Junior High School.

The project was based on developing critical thinking skills to promote creative thinking and communication abilities. Getting to know in depth the principles of democratic dialogue, undertaking initiatives, forming opinion though self and peer evaluation and encouraging participation in various activities were key elements of the project. The basic objectives of the project were: practicing the trainees’ logical skills in defending their point of view and in tracing the faults of rationale of the opponent team, creating new interests through the discussion of various subjects, improving students’ social skills and, finally, promoting team spirit.

The students were scheduled to participate in the annual Rhetoric Competition of the Ministry of Education in the spring. Unfortunately, due to force majeure because of COVID 19, the competition was cancelled.

The project was coordinated by Stavroula Alevromageirou (Legal Studies, Ralleio Lykeio) and Eleni Lambrinakou (Greek Language, Ralleio Junior High School).