During school year 2019-2020, twenty one Ralleio students of all classes participated in the environmental project: “Climate Change: How can we change?”.

The project was based on the following themes-axes: environmental ethics, sustainability and democracy, environmental awareness and action and, finally, consumer habits and the environment. We approached the following dimensions of climate change: the basic causes, the impact on human and cultural environment, the role of education and international organizations in its mitigation.

The discussions of the group focused mainly on the social and financial implications of the climate crisis making use of UN 17 Goals for Sustainable Development as a tool of conceptual connection between the impacts and the mitigation suggestions.

The main goals of this project were, on the one hand, to raise awareness about the climate crisis and its broader consequences mainly on the human environment (through studying, analyzing and discussing relevant data) and, on the other, to bring about small changes in our every day habits and lifestyle that could contribute to mitigating the crisis (through online research, findings discussion and management of the school’s recycling station).

As scheduled, 10 of the 21 students would participate in the Student Conference of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network in the Prefecture of Attica “Climate Change: Learning and Acting”, where delegate students from all the participating schools would present the conclusions they had reached and represent their findings though Art. The Conference would be organized by Ralleio Lykeio in cooperation with the Greek-French School “Ecole Jeanne d’ Arc”, the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the International Relations Department of the Ministry of Education, at the premises of the Greek-French School on 13 March 2020. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled for the school year 2019-2020 on account of force majeure due to COVID-19.

Dr Maria Panagiotopoulou (Greek language teacher-Theatrologist) and Ms Stavrooula Alevromageirou (Legal studies teacher) participated in the program, which was coordinated by Ms Aikaterini Christodoulou (English language teacher), who was also a member of the Student Conference organizing committee representing Ralleio Lykeio.