Subject: «Cross cultural verbal and non-verbal communication»

Coordinating teacher : Maria Psoma (French Language Teacher)

In the framework of this program, which includes activities promoting French language and its cultural variety, students embarked on a journey of new information and experience by conceptualizing new knowledge, activities were designed that allowed students to group and classify concepts in categories, to further develop concepts and apply categorization criteria for terms in order to map the connections between concepts. By applying the new, differentiated knowledge, various activities were designed which led to the application of knowledge in real communicational frameworks and environments in French language.

The communicational goal was to compare cultural elements between French speaking countries and Greece (cross cultural approach) and the skills which were developed were the reception and production of written language and the production and understanding of spoken language.

Three of the twelve participating students entered the A1-A2 level examination of the National Foreign Language Exam System (KPG).