Pedagogical team: Katerina Christodoulou (English Teacher), Haralambia Kaneletopoulou (Greek Language Teacher) and Maria Pangiotopoulou (Greek Language Teacher)

The principal aim was to investigate the role of the school, the State and international organizations in the formation of a new model of holistic anthropocentric approach in education so that students can understand how this educational model can shape future citizens who are active in cooperative and multicultural societies.

The methodology used was student-centered, participatory and democratic thus promoting cooperative learning through active student participation leading to creative free expression. The teaching approach was interdisciplinary in the subjects of Modern Greek, English, History, Ancient and Modern Greek Literature and Sociology.

Ten of the fifteen program students participated in the 18th ASP-net UNESCO student Conference held in Leonteio Lykeio on the 22nd and the 23rd of February 2018. The artistic participation of our school was a short theatrical sketch directed by Ms Panagiotopoulou.