In the framework of the Sustainable School Award, the students worked in groups on the following:

  1. They created 6 posters relevant to the project
  2. They recorded indicators relevant to: a. the students? participation in school contests b. the development and application of team teaching methodology in the class c. the use of ICT in the teaching process d. the participation of the school?s teachers in in-service seminars, workshops and conferences
  3. They conducted three surveys to study: a. the interest and participation of the school?s teachers and students in activities supporting the Sustainable School Award b. some students? smoking habit inside and outside the school c. the students? use of mobile phones
  4. They created an interactive internet platform ( in order to post the afore mentioned material and to coordinate the cooperation among students
  5. They created a presentation of the project Coordinating Teacher: P. Blitsas (ICT Teacher)