Coordinating teachers: Maria Kavoukli, Eirini Galakou

Participating students (B' class) : Valetina Athinaiou, Konstantina Lyri, Maria Markou, Despoina Bellou, Christianna Dham, Ioanna Petsepe, Aikaterini Pouzbouri, Sarita Rizomarkou, Theopisti Savvari, Sophia Sakkali, Sophia Sidiroropoulou, Konstantina Simou, Maria Stavrinaki, Sotiroula Stefanatou, Aggeliki Tritsou, Christina Tsatsaroni, Raphaella Fytrou.

The main aims of the project were to change the attitude of the 16-year-old students in the group regarding the citizens? contribution to air pollution and to challenge them to take action as far as cycling as a means of transport in the city centre is concerned.

The activities included in the project are as follows:

  • Devising a questionnaire investigating the habits and routines of moving around in the city centre using cars, public means of transport and bicycles
  • Photographing the streets around the school which is situated in the city centre thus depicting the problems caused by traffic congestion
  • Meeting with the.Mayor so as to advocate the construction of a bicycle lane in the central streets of the city
  • Presenting the project to all the students and the teachers of our school as well as to the citizens of the city in the annual ?School Project Presentation? event held in Korai Central Square.

The project led to the students realizing the important role of using bicycles and other alternative means of transport as a part of their every day routine.