Coordinating teachers: K. Mourginaki (French Teacher), V. Tsetsekou (Philologist)

Participating students: E. Aloizou, E. Vamvakinou, A. Gialoussi, F. Giannaki, M. Giannakou, E. Kakogianni, E. Katsoulakou, E. Koutrouki, P. Lembidaki, M. Bita, D. Bozinaki, A. Papageorgiou, S. Chronopoulou, L. Kouloumbi,

Philosophy was born and blossomed originally in ancient Greece. Big ideas do not originate in nothingness. They mature slowly, they come into shape through various logical schemata, they require linguistic and cultural processes so that they can take their final form and start evolving. Within the traditional mythical and religious framework of ancient Greece, based on political and social circumstances that promoted research, ancient Greek philosophical thought was born. Medieval, Renaissance and modern European philosophical thought consists its creative recall.

In this project we followed the merging and eventually the assimilation of ancient Greek philosophy by the western philosophers during the age of Enlightenment. The result was what we call Western Civilization today, and its point of reference is Man, his problems and needs. Theoretically and ideologically Western Civilization is man-centered and moves on the axes of equality, freedom and justice. The question is whether this ambitious aim is achieved today.

This project will not attempt to answer this question, it only wishes to provide food for thought.