Coordinating teacher: A. Christodoulou

Participating students (B class): A. Konstantara, M. Dalkafouki, A. Karastathi, A. Kritikou, D. Gialvari, M. Voulgari, A. Giagiakou, V. Agapiadou, S. Kleftogianni, S. Andrianopoulou, E. Athinaiou, A. Nenda, E. Nasiou, E. Naki, E. Gaitanari, A. Androulaki, K. Georgiou, A. Apostolidi, K. Anastasiadou.

Our group decided to work on the subject of Genetically Modified (GM) Food because we realized how little we knew about GM organisms in general. The students asked many questions so we formed small groups each one working on a set of these questions. To find answers we used mainly the Internet and cross referenced the information we collected with other sources, such as books and scientific magazines.

Our first step was to gather once a week after the lessons and share the information each group had found during the week. These group gatherings raised even more questions which led to further research on the subject.

As a second step, we contacted the non-governmental organization ?Greenpeace? and organized a meeting with one of their representatives at the school premises. It was an open meeting which was attended not only by the students of our group but also by other Ralleion students and teachers who wanted to get informed on the subject of GM food. After the Greenpeace presentation and the discussion that followed we reached the conclusion that it is necessary for the consumers to have a choice whether to buy GM food or not , therefore all the kinds of GM food or GM food ingredients have to be properly labeled as such.

This took us to our third step which was the collection of signatures by the citizens of Pireas in the Greenpeace Petition for Compulsory Labeling of all GM food and food ingredients.