“Protagoras” 1st Panhellenic Student Competition of Virtual Trials took place in the amphitheater of our school on 23-24/2/2019. Ralleio participated with 10 students in two teams, both of whom made it to the semifinals.

Congratulations are in order to the students of A and C classes M. Kargadouri, E. Korda, E. Maggina, A. Petratou, P. Polychroniadou, A. Saiti, S. Chroni, K. Adam and C. Megagianni whose scores were remarkably high. A. Saiti was the winner of the third round.

“Protagoras” Virtual Trials are a mental, pedagogical game organized in two axes, argumentation and justice. The Competition was organized with the support of Ralleio and the Educational Organization “Afixis” and the collaboration of the Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Educational Rhetoric.

Coordinating teachers: E. Labrinakou and S. Alevromageirou.

Protagoras 2019 1    Protagoras 2019 2 
 Protagoras 2019 3    Protagoras 2019 4