Seventy-six C class students accompanied by six teachers participated in the educational trip to Mount Pelio in central Greece from the 16th to the 19th December 2021.
On the first day, after visiting the Archaeological Museum of Volos, they were accommodated at the hotel in the village of Portaria, where they spent the rest of the day. On the next day, the group went on a guided tour of the Museum of the folk painter Theophilos in the village of Anakasia and went on to visit the traditional villages of Vizitsa and Milies. The following morning, the group was excited to wake up in a beautiful white landscape, as it had snowed during the night. They spent the day at the hotel and walking around the village to play with the snow and enjoy the scenery. On Sunday 19/12/2021, they left for Athens, after a tour in the city of Volos. They returned filled with wonderful memories despite the difficulties due to COVID restrictions.
The students were accompanied by the following teachers: D. Angelidakis (ICT, Trip Coordinator), K. Bechraki (Greek Language), A. Patika (German Language), N. Panagiotopoulos (Sociology, COVID Coordinator), C. Tsapralis (Mathematics) and P. Chronopoulos (Mathematics).