In the framework of Educational Visit Day on 22-1-2020, C class/Health Science students visited the 3rd Laboratory Centre of Drapetsona.

The students participated in laboratory exercises producing nutritional ingredients and microorganism cultures, blood tests determining blood type and the Rhesus factor as well as biochemical and immunological procedures such as antibiograms and antigen-antibody reactions. The work was carried out under the supervision of Ms E. Tsoureka, Head of Health Department of the 3rd Laboratory Centre of Drapetsona, with the support of students from the Department of Assistant Medical and Biological Laboratory, whom we would like to thank, along with Mr G. Christodoulou, the Director of the Centre.

The visit was organized by Ralleio Biology teachers G. Katopodis and P. Markopoulos, who also accompanied the students to the Centre.

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