On 22-1-2020, Educational visit day, B1 and B3 class students visited Herakleidon Museum, an interactive center of science popularization and a technological museum that focuses on antiquity, with emphasis on the achievements of the ancient Greeks, where they attended two different original educational programs in two groups (Humanities and Science).

Humanities students attended the program “Odysseus and Helen of Troy: the art of deception, of wandering and of seduction”. Through the figures of Odysseus and Helen of Troy, the students explored the notions of είναι (being) and φαίνεσθαι (appearance), of the possibility of knowing oneself, of the multiple subjective truths and the different manifestations of the one and only Truth. The interactive stimuli used during the presentation led to a vivid argumentative discussion and highlighted the interdisciplinary connections and nature of the subject.

Science students attended the interactive program “History of Science”, through which they were familiarized with the fascination of natural sciences and discussed about the differences between the present and the past regarding the evolution of those sciences, focusing especially on the work of Isaac Newton.

The visit was organized by Mathematics teacher S. Drosakis who accompanied the students with Greel language and History teacher M. Panagiotopoulou and English teacher K. Christodoulou.

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