On 22-1-2020, Educational Visit Day, B2, B4 and B5 class students visited the Digital Museum of Plato Academy in the framework of the subject of Philosophy.

The students watched three animated videos about Plato’s theory of the three parts of psyche and about Plato’s works “Symposium” and “Politeia”. Then, the students read texts about the philosopher’s life in groups and were digitally guided to classical era Athens and to the facilities of Plato’s academy. They went on to see a digital reproduction of the platonic cave and, finally, they played digital games about Plato, his philosophical school and his theory of Law. The whole educational experience also made the students aware of the contribution of technology to the promotion of Philosophy.

The visit was organized by Greek language and History teacher A. Keskesiadou, who accompanied the students with Greek language and History teachers V. Adamantidou, D. Katsoulia and K. Bechraki.

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