On 22-1-2020, Educational Visit Day, C class/Humanities students visited the Historical and Folk Culture Museum of the Sourmena Association of Greeks from Pontos, in the framework of the subjects of Greek Language and Literature, History and Sociology.

The museum is hosted in a 1998 neoclassical style building, whose top floor has been transformed into a replica of a traditional home from Pontos with objects brought from the old country by the first inhabitants of the area of Sourmena when they settled there as refugees in 1922.

In the ground floor of the building, the students were guided to the permanent exhibition of the Museum which includes, among others, the analytical map of the old Greek territories of Pontos, the eagle flag, a rich collection of everyday use items, various old documents and certificates and a rich photographic collection. On the first floor, the students saw traditional costumes, the replica of a traditional master bedroom and an assortment of valuable antiques. In the yard outside the Museum, they saw the replica of the Church of Christ in Sourmena.

The visit provided students with the opportunity to gain insight into the life of the refugees from Pontos when they arrived in Greece complementing the knowledge offered in their textbooks.

The educational visit was organized by Greek language and History teacher Ms C. Kaneletopoulou, who accompanied the students to the Museum with Greek language and History teacher K. Pedonomou and Sociology teacher N. Panagiotopoulos.

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