B1 class students watched 3 ethnographic short films referring to different aspects of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the framework of ETHNOFEST, the 10th Ethnographic Festival under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. The students also had the opportunity to discuss the subject of Intangible Cultural Heritage with archaeologist Ms H. Bazini from the Directorate of Contemporary Cultural Heritage at the Ministry and Mr S. Michalakas, who is responsible for the educational activities of Ethnofest.

The educational visit was organized in the framework of the joint UNESCO-EU pilot program “Integrating Intangible Cultural Heritage in school-based education”, in which our school participates creating educational material for ICH Rebetiko in 4 subjects, namely English, Physical Education, Literature and ICT.

The visit was organized by Ms K. Christodoulou, English teacher and UNESCO Coordinator who accompanied the students with Ms E. Kakogianni, PE teacher. We would like to thank the National UNESCO ASPnet Coordinator Ms V. Dilari at the Ministry of Education for supporting our work by bringing us into contact with the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


 10o Festival Ethnografikou Kinimatografou 2019 1   10o Festival Ethnografikou Kinimatografou 2019 2