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It is our pride and joy to let you know that on Monday 13th May 2019, Ralleio Solidarity Team offered a wheelchair to Athens High school for Students with Special Needs. The wheelchair was bought with funds raised from recycling 1 ton of plastic bottle caps which Ralleio community collected at Ralleio Recycling Station during the school year. The activity was coordinated by the Solidarity Team.

This is an annual activity of the Solidarity Team which started over 10 years ago. The aims and objectives of this activity are both social and environmental. By collecting the caps, students show their solidarity by offering better quality of life to a fellow student with special needs while, at the same time, they prevent a ton of plastic from ending up in landfills, thus poisoning the environment, human and animal health.

Ralleio Solidarity Team would like to thank Ralleio teachers, students, alumni and their families for their whole-hearted participation in the activity.

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