Ralleio A and B class students attended a theatrical performance about epileptic crises at the amphitheatre of the school on Friday 19/4/19, organized by NGO “Science Art Society-Petros Alatzas”. The performance is about the function of the brain and epilepsy, a condition affecting 1% of the general world population. Millions suffer from it, a great number of whom excel in various fields (science, art, politics etc). However, the stigma of the condition is overestimated and even unfair for modern societies that theoretically can demythologize, especially through education.

This performance presents epilepsy to adolescents in its true dimensions, trying to teach them in a humoristic way how the brain may get in the state of an epileptic crisis , how it is manifested and what they should do in case they see a fellow citizen in such a crisis.

The plot compares an epileptic crisis to a social crisis: human societies generate crises in the same way as the brain generates epileptic crises. The answer always lies in knowledge. Much as a society needs to know the causes of the crisis, so does the brain.

Before the performance, Dr A. Bonakis, Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Medical School of the University of Athens, talked to the students about epilepsy and answered their questions.

The play was written by Dr A. Bonakis, Mr A. Emmanuel and Mr P. Alatzas and performed by Mr A. Emmanuel and Ms M. Sareli.

The activity was organized and coordinated by Ralleio Biologists G. Katopodis and P. Markopoulos.

 Theatriko Gia thn Epilhpsia 2019 2    Theatriko Gia thn Epilhpsia 2019 1