18th Student Conference of the UNESCO posterThe 18th Student Conference of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network in the Prefecture of Attica was held at Leonteio Lykeio Neas Smyrnis on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2018. The subject of the 18th Student Conference was “Holistic Homocentric Education: the role of the School, the State and International Institutions”.

Our school participated with a group of 10 students, namely Ms M. Kostopoulou, A. Tsopanidou, A. Kazantzidi, S. Kamakari, A. Vasilopoulou, S. Patseli, P. Stefani, V. Zotou, A. exertzi and V. Dinamarka. The artistic participation of our school was a short theatrical play depicting the subject, directed by Maria Panagiotopoulou.

Ms Katerina Christodoulou (EFL Teacher), Ms Haralambia Kaneletopoulou (Greek Language Teacher) and Ms Maria Panagiotopoulou (Greek Language and Drama Teacher) were responsible for the coordination and the preparation of Ralleion team and accompanied the students to the Conference on both days.


18th Student Conference of the UNESCO