1-unesco 2014-003The 14th Student Conference of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network in the Prefecture of Attica was held at Κοsteas-Geitonas Schools on 20th and 21st February 2014. The subject of the 14th Student Conference was ?The Greek Monuments of UNESCO World Heritage?.

Our school participated with a group of 9 students, namely Ms Anna-Maria Oikonomou, Valeria Davradou, Natasa Velliou, Anastasia Androutsou, Natalia Giannakopoulou, Katerina Georgiadou-Mandouvalou, Panagiota Gydakou, Magda Ioannidou and Kater;ina Kalligeri.

Ms Penelope Kapelari (Greek Language Teacher) and Ms Katerina Christodoulou (EFL Teacher) were responsible for the coordination and the preparation of the Ralleion team and accompanied the students to the Conference on both days.

The artistic participation of our school was the creation of a ppt with rare photographic material of the Temple of Epikourios Apollo at Vasses, the first Greek monument to be included in UNESCO?s World Heritage List. The ppt was accompanied by Bach?s Goldberg Variations while Magda Ioannidou and Kater;ina Kalligeri (C class students) recited Hymns to Apollo. The artistic participation was produced by Ms Katerina Christodoulou (EFL Teacher) with the technical contribution of Mr Dimitris Aggelidakis (ICT Teacher).

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