In the framework of the subject of Biology, Ralleio students attended the theatrical performance ?Are we going to sleep tonight or what?? written by Petros Alatzas and Anastasios Bonakis, Sleep Specialists, at Olvo Theater on Friday 24 January. The play mentioned in an imaginative and humoristic way all the body mechanisms that promote or impede sleep. The students not only enjoyed the play but were also provided with information and knowledge on the function of the human organism.

Accompanying teachers: A. Giourga, A. Garyfallaki, P. Kapelari, A. Keskesiadou, P. Kolentzou, M. Panagiotopoulou and G. Chrysovergis, Greel Language Teachers, K. Lemanis, S. Drosakis and G. Mantikos, Maths Teachers, G. Katopodis and N. Kollias, Science Teachers, L. Mamali (RE Teacher), A. Chatzianastasiou (PE Teacher) and N. Panagiotopoulos (Sociology Teacher).

The event was organized by G. Katopodis, Science Teacher.