Within the framework of the Project ?Environmental Education for a Sustainable School? our A and B class students did the following:

  1. They created an information leaflet to sensitize and motivate students and teachers.
  2. They monitored the consumption of electric power, photocopying paper and heating petrol.
  3. They participated in student competitions such as Sustainable School Award
  4. They conducted research into two subjects: a. The students? means of transport to and from school, in an effort to reduce their ecological footprint b. The students? dietary habits.
  5. They participated in a three-day educational trip to the Amfissa Center for Environmental Education (16-18 December 2012). The educational aims of the trip were for the students to gain knowledge, to be sensitized and updated on environmental issues.
  6. They printed special reminders about cutting down on water and electricity consumption which were put above the sinks in the toilets or the electricity switches.
  7. They participated in a project of sorting out the school rubbish into recyclable and non recyclable. The students or the cleaning staff weighed the rubbish and kept records