The students of classes A3 and B3 visited the Drapetsona Centre of Environmental Education on 28 November 2012 in the framework of the project ?Sustainable School Indicators? and attended the environmental program entitled ?Waste Management?.

The program was presented by Ms K. Bazigou, Coordinator of the Centre, Ms S. Vasilopoulou and N. Triantafyllou, the students took part in a series of educational activities, which included walking around the area, registering the amount of waste and recyclable waste and making paper pulp to be turned into recycled paper. The students were accompanied by Dr D. Kalaitzidis (Director), Ms A. Keskesiadou (Greek Language Teacher) and Mr N. Kollias (Science Teacher). The accompanying teachers and the students would like to thank the Centre for their warm hospitality and their informative presentation on waste management and recycling.