unesco aspThe 13th Student Conference of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) in the Prefecture of Attica, organized by Ralleio Lykeio, took place in the facilities of the Ecole Francohell?nique du Pir?e Jeanne d?Arc on the 22nd and 23rd of February. The main subject of the 13th Student Conference was ?CITIZENS OF EUROPE-CITIZENS OF THE WORLD? and the main axes of the subject were:1. Living together in a world of differences, 2. Citizens-Dialogue-Dialectic and 3. Art as a form of communication and the communication of Citizens.

One hundred eighty-seven students and their Counseling Teachers from eighteen public and private schools of the Prefecture of Attica and four invited public schools from Cyprus participated in the Conference.

In the morning session of the 22nd of February, the school teams presented their art work which included video art, dance, theatre and musical performances inspired by the subject of the Conference. Lunch was served for all the students and teachers attending.

In the afternoon session of the 22nd of February, the 187 students who were divided in 15 working groups, with appointed Chairpersons and Secretaries, discussed, debated, negotiated and finally adopted resolutions on the subject and its main axes to be announced to the plenary session of the second day. In the evening, all the students and teachers had dinner together and danced at the small party organized for them.

In the plenary session of the 23rd of February, the Chairperson of each working group read the resolution of their team. The plenary participants posed up to three questions per resolution and then voted for or against it. Many controversial issues were mentioned in the resolutions, such as human rights, racism and xenophobia, the position of women in different modern societies, the role of Art in our everyday life communication and its importance in the dialectic process between nations and civilizations, cultural diversity and pluralism, citizenship in our modern world, sustainability, tolerance and identity. Almost all the resolutions reflected the incorporation of the humanistic values on the part of the students.

Ralleio Lykeio was represented in the working groups by 10 students from all classes, namely Ms Electra Anastasiadi and Ms Chryssa Kougioumtzi from A class, Ms Nina Dodi, Ms Maria Antonopoulou and Ms Stamatina Stamatakou from B class and Ms Eva Chioni (appointed Chairperson), Ms Melina Eleftheriadi (appointed Secretary), Ms Sophia Barbagianni, Ms Danai Xenariou and Ms Theodora Rompa from C class. Ms Rafaela Tyri (C class) was appointed Chairperson of the Plenary Session and Ms Rea Kyriakidi (C class) was appointed Secretary of the Plenary Session

Ralleio Lykeio participated in the artistic session with the song ?If I could change the world?, performed by Ms Rafaela Tyri as the leading singer, accompanied by Ms Electra Anastasiadi, Ms Olga Panourgia, Ms Despoina Georgatsellou, Ms Maria Vlachaki and Ms Anastasia Ntzana. Ms Nagia Kyriakopoulou played the piano, Ms Sissy Nikolaou played the synth and Ms Elena Michalopoulou played the electric guitar.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, Civilization and Sports and the Hellenic National Committee for UNESCO, under whose auspices the 13th Student Conference was held, the Directors of the Ecole Francohell?nique du Pir?e Jeanne d?Arc for putting their facilities to our disposal thus actively contributing to the success of the Conference, all the participating teachers and students from Greece and Cyprus, the Hellenic Bottling Company SA for their offer of soft drinks and bottled water to all the teachers and students and Apeikonistiki Chalatsi SA for their financial support.

The Organizing Committee

The main subject of the Conference

The brochure of the Conference