The program was organized by Ms Maria Vlachou (Greek Language Teacher) and carried out with 38 students of B Class. The focus was on three axes: architecture of Byzantine churches, Byzantine hagiography and mosaics and the diet of Byzantine citizens. All the students carried out project work on one or more of the above mentioned axes.

The students also attended an educational presentation on Byzantine Art at the Benaki Museum and went on a two day trip to Mystras in southern Peloponnese, one of the most important Byzantine sites in Greece. The aim was to observe in situ the organization of medieval daily life.

Participating Students: D. Ktena, E. Kostopoulou, E. Kotsou, P. Lempidaki, L. Leptourgidi, L. Lefkokoilou, R. Lila, M. Loudarou, R. Malama, A. Meliou, M. Bita, D. Bozinaki, A. Boloutsou, E. Myoteri, M. Oikonomou, A. Papageorgiou, E. Papadogiannaki, A. Papadopoulou, F. Petroleka, M. Petropoulaki, M. Rafeletou, F. Repa, P. Savari, D. Serfou, E. Sina, A. Skagou, S. Souka, A. Spanou, A. Stathoulia, V. Stavrogiannopoulou, C. Satvropoulou, M. Festa, K. Charbi, A. Chatzigianni, F. Christodoulou, S. Chronopoulou, E. Chrysoulaki.