The aim of the project work was to familiarize students with the life and work of great personalities of the 20th century. The project was organized and taught by Ms K. Christodoulou (EFL Teacher) to all the students of B class. The work was organized in four steps.

Step 1: The class material was collected from the site Wikiquotes. The teacher distributed photocopies with quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr., Herman Hesse, Nelson Mandela, William Faulkner, Doris Lessing, Neil Armstrong, Sir David Attenborough, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Virginia Woolf, Mahatma Gandhi, Noam Chomsky, the Dalai Lama, Claude Monet and Mother Teresa.

Step 2: The students, having read the quotes, chose to work on the personality whose quotes inspired them the most.

Step 3: The students presented their work in class, answered their classmates? questions and discussed on aspects of the life and work of their favorite personality.

Step 4: The students decorated their classrooms with photographs and texts about the great men and women of the 20th century. This worked as an ?information exhibition? for all the students of the school. The working language of the project was, of course, English.