The students of B' class, accompanied by Mr P. Charatzopoulos (Science Teacher) and the Greek Language Teachers Ms A. Giourga and Ms G. Tatsi, visited the Minerals Museum of the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration on 22 March 2011.

The students were informed of the exhibits of the Museum and the work of the Institute by Dr G. Oikonomou. They were guided in the museum and admired minerals and stones from Greece and other countries of the world, rare fossils, metals, semi precious gems as well as important maps such as the 3D map of the Aegean Sea and the geological map of Greece. The students were given a detailed guided tour of the museum and information on geological issues by specialized personnel of the Institute. They were also shown electronic microscope photographs with details of the structure of various minerals.

Finally, they were presented with a beautiful case of specimens of various minerals as a souvenir of their visit by the administration of the Museum.