Class B4 attended an educational program in the department of Byzantine Art in Benaki Museum on Thursday 3 March 2011. There was an extensive presentation by a museum guide of byzantine portraits, clothing materials, jewellery, coins, every day household objects, mosaics and icons that are part of the Benaki Collection. More specifically, the students were informed about Fayum portraits and clothing materials that were found and collected in Egypt, about the detailed artisanery of the jewels of the time, the dietary habits of the richer and poorer Byzantines as well as the materials and the shape of the different household utensils. The students were also informed about the making of mosaics and the different symbols and colors in the Byzantine icons through paintings by Nikolaos Akotantos and Theotokopoulos.

The students were given special worksheets for classroom use. The educational visit was organized by Ms Maria Vlachou (Philologist) and the students were accompanied by Ms C. Gouda (Philologist) and Ms A. Christodoulou (EFL Teacher).