The students of A class attended the theatrical performance ?Shakespeare in one hour? by Jess Winfield, Adam Long and Daniel Singer on Friday 25 February 2011. The play is a parody with satirical and stand-up comedy elements. The characters of Shakespeare?s plays and the different plots mix with a lot of humor. Ms T. Goda (EFL Teacher) and Ms A. Rapesi (Philologist) organized the event and the students were also accompanied by Ms A. Garyfallaki, Ms C. Gouda, Ms A. Siatra and Mr G. Chrysovergis. The students? opinions on the play were controversial:

?Whole Shakespeare in one hour! A very catching title for sure, that stimulates your curiosity. Everyone was wandering how it was possible to watch all of his plays in one and hour (in fact it was two hours)! The truth was that all of our feelings were a bit the same at the beginning, wandering what we were going to see.

In this theatrical play you take a brief of most of Shakespeare?s plays, well-known or not but in a different way.... It was a very positive play with many good moments. Humour was good; personally it lifted my spirits and made me forget the reality for a while. What was also very important is its interactivity. In many parts of the play the audience was participating too, and that made it more interesting and funny.

The dialogues were hilarious, but you have to know some things for Shakespeare?s original plays, in order to understand them. Except from these, there were remarks related to life today and the society that got understood by everyone and made it more alive. All these were mixed up in harmony, that was giving the impressing result, without overcoming any boundaries of humour.

On the other hand, there were some people that didn?t like it all. They found it ridiculous in many parts or others thought that it was becoming immoral in some ways. Others also believed that it was insulting for the great writer and the importance of his plays. Well I personally disagree with this; I think that it was totally innovative!

It would be unfair to say that the play wasn?t good. It wasn?t disturbing and it made us search and get informed for Shakespeare?s plays. What adolescents were finding dull and boring in the past was now presented in a fresh, new way. At last, we glanced at the great writer?s vast work. All in all, how easy you would find paling the whole Shakespeare in one and only hour??

Sofia Barbagianni, student in A3