Model Tuitions were held at our school in November 2009. Students of the Pedagogical Faculty of the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Athens attended Model Tuitions by teachers of our school. The attendance of the tuitions and the following teaching practice of the students is part of the university subject ?General and Specific Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology?.

The schedule of the Model Tuitions by Ralleion teachers was as follows:

N. Stamati Ancient Greek Language (B class)

M. Prevezanou Latin Language (B Class)

A. Giourga Ancient Greek Language and Literature (A class)

M. Kavoukli Ancient Greek Language- Grammar and Syntax (A class)

P. Konstantopoulou Contemporary European History (C class)

P. Kapelari Modern Greek Language (A class)

Ch. Kaneletopoulou Latin Language (B Class)

V. Tsetsekou Ancient Greek Language (C class)

G. Tatsi Ancient Greek Language and Literature (A class)

G. Chrysovergis Latin Language (C Class)

A. Arathymou Modern Greek Literature (B class)

A. Garyfalaki Contemporary European History (C class)