Each year the Euroscola program attracts visiting groups of secondary school students from EU member countries to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The aim of Euroscola is to provide young Europeans with an insight into the work and role of the European Parliament. Twenty four Greek students from the Prefecture of Attica participated in The Euroscola Day in Strasburg on 6 February 2012. Thirty-five students from different 3 schools of the area of Pireas participated in the written competition held at our school on 20 December 2012. The other two selection criteria were fluency in two foreign languages (English and French preferably) and their performance in the previous school year.

Ralleio Lykeio is proud to announce that 5 of the 8 students from the area of Pireas who travelled to Strasburg on 6 February 2012 are our students, namely Ms F. Petroleka, Ms A. Katopodi, Ms M Bita and Ms A. Galani (from C class) and Ms P. Kouvari (from B class).