Our students Foteini Repa (class A5), Maria Eirini Fradellou (class B3), Konstantina Zaharaki (class B1) and Aikaterina Galiantina (class B1) took part in the 21st National Conference of EYP for the selection of representatives to participate in the 65th International EYP Convention in Lviv, Ukraine. The conference was held in Athens from 26 to 29 March 2010. The participants were divided in groups of 10 and worked on different subjects. The working language of the conference was English.

In particular, Ms Foteini Repa took part in the ΙΤRE Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and worked on the subject: «Emergency code to reduce CO2 emissions: What role should the nuclear energy have in fighting climate change??

Ms Maria Eirini Fradellou took part in the CULT Committee on Culture and Education and worked on the subject ? Too many graduates for too few jobs? Is Europe?s current focus on a knowledge-based society restricting the development of n innovative society?. Is it now the time for European countries to reassess whether increased participation in tertiary education is beneficial for Europe?s future?

Ms Konstantina Zaharaki took part in the JURI Committee and worked on the subject ? With copyright infringement becoming a growing risk to innovation and investment: how could European countries regulate open source media without stifling competitions?

Ms Aikaterina Galiantina took part in the TRAN Committee on Transport and Tourism and worked on the subject: ? Under the light of delivering the Greek ransom: How should the EU handle similar situations, ensuring its role as a security protector, whilst promoting international trade security ??

The students worked on their participation under the supervision of Ms C. Kaneletopoulou (Philologist) and Ms K. Christodoulou (EFL Teacher).