Our students Foteini Repa (classB4), Konstantina Zaharaki (class C1) and Aikaterina Galiantina (class C1) took part in the 23rd National Conference of EYP for the selection of representatives to participate in the 68th International EYP Convention in Zagreb Croatia. The conference was held in Athens from 12 to 14 March 2011. The participants were divided in groups of 10 and worked on different subjects. The working language of the conference was English.

In particular, Ms Foteini Repa took part in the ΙΤRE Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and worked on the subject: ?After Kyoto, comes Nordpool. Is the energy stock market the solution of Europe?s energy problems or its demise? What measures can be taken to ensure its successful operation??

Ms Konstantina Zaharaki took part in the CULT Committee and worked on the subject ?What can the EU do in order to ensure that the students of Europe, regardless of group or minority, receive a comprehensive cultural education, that will help them realize their common cultural heritage, as well as their countries? cultural individuality??

Ms Aikaterina Galiantina took part in the EMPL Committee and worked on the subject: ? With increasingly high numbers of unemployment in Europe, some say that volunteering and internships can be a stepping-stone to the labor market. How can the EU ensure the financial viability of its youth and avoid their exploitation??

The students worked on their participation under the supervision of Ms K. Christodoulou (EFL Teacher).