Partners: Lycee Prive Mixte St Agnes (France), Ralleion Geniko Peiramatiko Lykeio Thileon Pirea (Greece)

Venue: Lycee Prive Mixte St Agnes, Angers, France

Dates: 4-17 March 2001

Coordinating Teachers: Z. Nikoli, Assistant Director, EFL Teacher, P.Konstantopoulou (Philologist)

Subject: ?Greek Language, French Language. Influences.?

The particular project was undertaken in collaboration with Lycee Prive Mixte St Agnes (Angers, France) within the framework of the European Educational Projects ?Rencontres Europeenes de Lycees? during the period of 3-3-2001 to 18-3-2001.

The subject being ?Greek Language, French Language. Influences.? (« Langue Greque, Langue Francaise. Influences »), the project aimed at investigating the potential of the communicative function of the language as a means towards understanding not only human existence itself, but also the achievements of the human mind. Given that the Greek language, a product of unceasable evolution through many centuries, readily expresses subtle concepts of philosophy, mathematics, politics and political institutions, the students who participated in the project worked under the guidance of their teachers and presented the following units:

  • The birth and the development of Greek and other European languages,
  • The process of assimilation of Greek linguistic terms and expressions by the French language and vice-versa
  • Detecting Greek terms in French language regarding the subjects of History, Mother Tongue and Foreign Language Teaching, Mathematics, Geography, Economics and Environmental Studies
  • The search for words with the same pronunciation and their particular meaning in spoken modern Greek and French languages The presentation of proverbial expressions in Greek compared to French equivalent proverbs expressing similar concepts.

During the project, the students attended lessons in the subjects of Language, History, Mathematics, Environmental Studies etc at Lycee Prive Mixte St Agnes, they were guided in the area of Loire and came in touch with the everyday life of their French peers and hosts.

The students who participated in the project were: S. Petritsi, E. Panagiotidi, E. Papagelou, E. Porfyri, M. Pigara, E. Kotronaki, C. Papazi, A. Giannakopoulou, k. Gantzou, M. Linardatou, M. Filippidou, V. Palieraki, C. Zouzia, S. Toubanou, V. Raftapostolou.