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This school year Ralleion Geniko Peiramatiko Lykeio Thileon Pirea worked with IES Josep Miguel Guardia, Menorca, Spain. The title of the work was ?Assemblywomen: female initiative through time". The two teams analyzed Aristophane's comedy ?Assemblywomen? (Ecclesiazousae) in terms of content and historical background and link/contrast it to the feminist cause and the abolition of de facto and de jura inequalities and discrimination against women in Europe especially after World War I.

Coordination: Eduard Mayans Mevel (Spain)/Classical Languages Teacher Katerina Christodoulou (Greece)/ EFL Teacher

Coordinating Schools




Ralleion Geniko Peiramatiko Lykeion Tjileon Piraia (Greece)

Coordinating Teacher:

Katerina Christodoulou





IES Josep Miguel Guardia(Spain)

Coordinating Teacher:

Eduard Mayans Mevel



The presentations of the project

?Ecclesiazousae/Assembly Women: Female Initiative through Time?

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