The 5th Meeting of the European program Erasmus + KA2 ?ROUTE? (Reinventing the Outdoors for Education) was held in Pireaus, Greece from 5th to 9th April 2016. Eight teachers and eight teachers from the partner schools, Hersby Gymnasium (Sweden), Agrupamento de Escolas de Mem Martins (Portugal), Paide Gymnasium (Estonia), visited Ralleio General Lyceum of Piraeus in the framework of the project in order to take part in the learning activity.

The visit was structured as follows:

5 April 2016: School Day

Foreign students attended lessons in their hosts? classes. After the official welcome of the visitors to our school by the Director, Dr Dimitrios Kalaitzidis, teachers and students attended a full presentation of Ralleio activities in the framework of ROUTE by Ms K. Christodoulou, English teacher. The students, then, participated in a debate on ?Should each EU country accept equal numbers of refugees or should only a few countries be burdened with the weight?? and drafted a Declaration with the conclusions of the debate and discussion in English to be translated in all the national languages of the partner countries. [Responsible teachers and students: K. Christodoulou (English teacher), K. Bechraki (Greek language and Literature teacher), Iris Iordanidou (A class), Eirini Dileri (B class)]. After this activity, our guests watched two scenes of this years? Ralleio theatrical play ? Our own personal Zorba? (Responsible teachers: D. Christopoulos and M. Panagiotopoulou, Greek language and Literature teachers). Finally, our guests and Ralleio teachers enjoyed a typical Greek lunch all together in the school. The different dishes were prepared by Ralleio teachers and parents (Responsible teacher: Ms B. Kaneletopoulou, Greek language and Literature teacher). In the afternoon, the guests were guided to the new school building by the Director, Dr Dimitris Kalaitzidis.

6 April 2016: Visit to Nemea, Corinth Canal, Loutraki and Sousaki Volcano

Foreign and Greek students and teachers visited Nemea, the largest and most famous wine-producing area in Greece. In particular, the group visited and was guided in ?Semeli? winery in the village of Koutsi. The tour was followed by wine degustation by the teachers. Isthmia was the next stop for the group, where they had the opportunity to see the old iron bridge submerge into the water of Corinth Canal. Lunch took place in the famous resort of Loutraki. On the way back to Pireas, the group visited Sousaki Volcano where they observed the creation of gypsum and sulphur and attended an experiment with carbon dioxide putting out fire.

7 April 2016: Visit to Keramikos, the Ancient Market, the Acropolis Museum and Monastiraki. Presentation of the Young Entrepreneurship project.

Foreign students and teachers accompanied by Greek students and teachers (Ms A. Keskesiadou, Ms K. Bechraki (Greek language and Literature teachers) and Ms K. Christodoulou (English teacher) were guided to Keramikos, the Ancient Market, the Acropolis Museum and Monastiraki. In the afternoon, Estonian and Greek students presented the projects they worked on in the framework of the thematic unit Young Entrepreneurship of ROUTE. The presentations took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pireas and the event was addressed by the Chairman of the Chamber Mr Vasilis Korkidis and the Chairman of Ralleio Parents? Association Mr Panagiotopoulos. The event was organized by the Director, Dr Dimitris Kalaitzidis.

8 April 2016: Visit to Lavrio and Sounio

Foreign students and teachers accompanied by Greek students, the Director, Dr Dimitris Kalaitzidis and Ms K. Christodoulou (English teacher) visited the Industrial Park of Lavrio, the ancient theatre of Thoriko and the ancient metal enrichment site next to it, guided by Mr Vasilis Psalidas, former school director and environmentalist. The group had lunch at Lavrio and went on to visit the ancient temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio.

9 April 2016: Working Session

The working session was organized at the school in the morning. Foreign and Greek teachers ate and sang together at the farewell dinner in the evening where presents were also exchanged.