Two teachers, Ms Haralambia Kaneletopoulou (Greek Language Teacher) and Mr Nikos Panagiotopoulos (Sociology Teacher), and two B class students, Ms Eirini Dileri and Ms Anastasia Paraskevopoulou, travelled to Paide, Estonia from the September 27th to October 3rd, 2015 in order to attend the 3rd project meeting with teachers and students from the partner schools of Sweden, Estonia and Portugal in the framework of the European program Erasmus + KA2 ?ROUTE? (Reinventing the Outdoors for Education).

The students from all the partner schools worked in groups and presented innovative suggestions regarding Youth Entrepreneurship in the framework of good sustainable practices. The visiting teachers and students participated in the following activities organized by the hosting school:

  1. Visit and guided tour to a local ?green? business,
  2. Visit to the medieval castle of Paide and presentation of the historical periods of Estonia,
  3. Balkan music concert
  4. Hiking in a wetland in the area of Kakerdaja where the students studied the flora,
  5. Camping in the forest at the end of the hike and spending the night in heated tents, and
  6. Visit to the capital Tallinn and guided tour of the medieval city.

The partner school teachers exchanged views on the development of the program and the diffusion of the results. The students were hosted by Estonian student families and came in touch with the way of life and the country?s traditions. They also attended lessons at the school. Ralleio teachers and students would like to thank the Estonian school for the wonderful time and meaningful experiences they offered to the Greek team.

The 4th project meeting will take place in Sweden in January 2016.

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