The students and the teachers who are members of the Educational and Recreational Club ?OUT? organized a trip to Methana, in north-eastern Peloponnese on Sunday 22 December 2014. Apart from the members of the Club and the Director of the school, Dr Dimitris Kalaitzidis, who is also the coordinator of the Club, students from other classes, teachers and parents participated in this one-day trip.

The peninsula of M?thana with its two steep volcanic slopes is actually a volcano that emerged from the sea. In the area there is a stunning volcanic landscape with dense vegetation, coastal villages and diverse flora and fauna. The establishment of the spa complex in 1870 made it a popular spa town attracting mainly senior citizens from many European countries. Unfortunately the spa was closed but the strong smell of sulphur was definitely there.

The group then went on to visit the tiny village of Kameni Hora (Burnt Land) at the foot of the volcano where they had the opportunity to see the rock holes named ?refrigerators?, where the temperature remains stable throughout the year. After some rest, the group trekked the steep path to the top of the volcano and admired the breathtaking view and the boulders of petrified lava. The group returned to Pireas in the late afternoon, having had a beautiful day learning impressive information about volcanoes and their usefulness to human beings.

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