Vista de Alicante España 2014-07-04 DD 49The meeting was scheduled to take place from 26 to 29 March 2020 in Alicante, Spain with the participation of Charalambia Kaneletopoulou (Member of the Pedagogical Team). The meeting agenda focused on discussing and drafting the initial version of the Final Report and the descriptions of all mobilities on the Mobility Tool application of the program.

Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled by the Spanish Ministry of Education two weeks before its due date on account of force majeur (COVID-19).

The meeting finally took place online on the 6th of May with the participation of the Coordinators of each partner school, namely Jóhanna Arnórsdóttir, José Ángel Molina, Patrik Roddar, Božena Rudolf and Katerina Christodoulou.