ROOTS C3 5The Teachers’ training event took place in Idrija, Slovenia from 28/9 to 2/10/2018 and was attended by Ralleio ROOTS Coordinator Ms Katerina Christodoulou and the member of the pedagogical team Ms Kalliope Bechraki.

During their stay, the participants from all the countries of the program worked in the field in order to further familiarize themselves with the use of Wikiloc application for designing Study kits mainly for Science subjects (Chemistry, Geography, Geology). To this end, they had the opportunity to visit the Slovenian school where they were formally received by the director, the municipal Museum of the town, the coastal city of Capodistria, Skocjan cave, Antony Rov mercury mine, CSOD Vojsko centre for environmental education, the meteorological centre at Hudournik and the capital city of Ljubljana. They also attended an event for the celebration of European Languages Day at the Cultural Centre of the town where the Coordinators participated in a round table discussion about cultural heritage while poems and songs in all the languages of the program were presented.

It should be noted that the international Coordinator Ms Johanna Arnosdottir and the Greek Coordinator Ms Katerina Christodoulou were interviewed by the local radio station about the program.

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