CCR C5 Learning Activity took place in Agrupamento de Ecola de Mem Martin, Sintra, Portugal from 01/04 έως 05/04/2019. Ms H. Kaneletopoulou, CCR Coordinator, and Mr N. Panagiotopoulos, member of CCR pedagogical team, accompanied B class students E. Georgopoulou, T. Zogou, A. Kavallari and M. Kazazi, who participated in the Learning Activity.

All participants had the opportunity to attend ICT, Physics, Chemistry and Biology workshops related to climate change in the organizing school facilities. They also tended to the school garden and planted seasonal vegetables. Next, they took part in a rhetoric competition about fruit consumption and food waste in the framework of climate change coordinated by volunteers from Fruto Peja, an NGO supporting organic fruit farming. Finally, they helped cleaning the forest of Mount Sintra and prepared its soil for reforestation in cooperation with a local NGO engaging in forest protection and biodiversity promotion.

In Lisbon, they visited Solar XXI building and were informed about the photovoltaic production and use of the energy produced in situ. At the Forestry Department of the University of Lisbon, participants were informed about urban sustainable development and visited the students’ vineyard.

Next, they travelled to Μoura where they visited EDIA public company and were informed about the use of river water and the resulting improvement of the local financial conditions. They were also guided to Luz Museum.

The following day, they visited Lisbon Aquarium and were guided to the city’s main sights using an amphibian vehicle.

The Learning Activity ended with a dinner party and festivities organized by the Portuguese hosting families.