ccr afisa 2018

C3 Learning Activity/ Short-term Exchanges of Pupils of the European program Erasmus+KA2 «Climate Change Ready»/ CCR (2017-2019) took place at Ralleio Geniko Lykeio Thileon Peiraia from 15/9 TO 19/9/18 with the participation of teachers and students from the partner schools. Ralleio Lykeio organized a series of educational events aiming at raising the participating students’ and teachers’ awareness on the subject.

More particularly, we organized a workshop of reusing recyclable materials artistically for the students to create simple and practical everyday objects giving a second life to materials that otherwise would have been thrown away. Ralleio students sang songs related to the environment and at the foyer of the amphitheatre there was an exhibition of artistic products and posters designed by the students on the subject.

In addition, Ralleio Director Mr S. Oikonomidis, designed and monitored a research workshop on the Butterfly effect (sensitive dependence on initial conditions) at the ICT laboratory of the school. The workshop focused on the distinction between complex and complicated systems and the analytical explanation of the Greenhouse Effect which contributed to the further understanding of global warming and climate change. 

Our guests were also guided to the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, they visited Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Athenian Trilogy at the centre of the city and hiked in the National Park of Mount Parnitha accompanied by environmental experts of Flabouri, the managing centre of the Park.

Moreover, a series of presentations and a very interesting educational activity on energy saving and renewable energy resources were organized at the amphitheatre of the school in which Ms Giannouli and Ms Derveni of the Public Power Corporation SA, Mr Ktenidis of the University of West Attica and Ms Mavrou and Vezyrgianni from the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) provided valuable insight on the subject. In the framework of CCR, Ralleio Lykeio worked with the Special Junior and Senior High School of Ilioupolis for teenagers with special needs. Two such students, accompanied by their teacher Mr Prasinos, attended the activity and participated in the art exhibition with their creations from recyclable materials. They received a warm applause from everybody in the amphitheatre as they made us realize once more that when people of different skills join forces, they function as role models for coexistence in the civil society.

On the last day, our guests visited the Bank of Greece and attended a seminar and an advanced educational activity on the impact of climate change on the human environment designed and organized by Ms Antonakaki (Bank of Greece) in cooperation with the Greek Coordinator. Our guests were also guided to the department of Monetary History and the Euro department of the Museum of the Bank of Greece and were offered informational material.

The 13 foreign students from Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain were hosted by Greek families. Ralleio teachers and parents organized lunch for our guests at the school with traditional Greek dishes and desserts as a token of Greek hospitality.

We would like to thank and congratulate Ralleio CCR Team students for their impeccable cooperation, the hosting families, the parents who prepared the traditional dishes, the Parent Teacher Association for their undivided support, all Ralleio teachers who helped in various but indispensable ways and, last but not least, CCR teachers and especially CCR Coordinator for Ralleio Ms. H. Kaneletopoulou.