C2 Learning Activity of Erasmus+KA2, CCR took place in Budapest, Hungary from 16/04 to 20/04 /2018 with the participation of teachers and students form:

  1. GanztagsschuleJenish Gymnasium, Hamburg, Germany (coordinating school)
  2. Osnova sola Ivana Canatja Vrhinka, Slovenia
  3. Agrupamento de Escolas de Mem Martins Sintra, Portugal
  4. Ralleio Geniko Lykeio Thileon Peiraia
  5. Klebelsberg Kuno AltalanosIskolaes Gimnazium, Hungary 
  6. Sant Nicolau Agrupacion Pedagogica, Sabatel, Spain

The Greek teachers and students who participated are Ms H. Kaneletopoulou, Ralleio CCR Coordinator, Ms Aimilia Giourga, member of CCR pedagogical team, Ms Alexandra Vigiatzoglou and Ms Aggeliki Tsopanidou, A class students. The two travelling students were hosted by Hungarian students’ families and their stay was without problems whatsoever. The activities which took place were in accordance with the program and the goals and objectives of the Learning Activity.

In particular:

On Monday 16/4, the teams visited Klebelsberg Kuno Altalanos Iskola es Gimnazium where they were welcome by the Hungarian Coordinator. The team presented their schools and played knowledge games that contributed to a friendly atmosphere. Next, the Hungarian students presented the water wealth of their country and all students answered a questionnaire on a special mobile phone application. Then all students attended alesson in basic Hungarian phrases and vocabulary. The Director of the school welcome the travelling teachers and had a short discussion with them. Students had lunch at the school cafeteria and took part in sports games while teachers had the opportunity to visit a medical spa in the area.

On Tuesday 17/4, teachers and students visited the European Youth Centre where the representative of the European Commission in Hungary talked to them about the purposes of the Centre and about the issue of bullying. Next, the responsible official for Sustainable Development in Hungary talked about the 17 UNESCO goals and teachers and students watched UN Ambassador for Climate Change Leonardo di Caprio’s documentary on the subject. On the same afternoon, the participants took a sightseeing cruise of the Danube.

On Wednesday 18/4, all participants were guided in the Hungarian Parliament and in the sights of Budapest after lunch.

On Thursday 19/4 the participants travelled to lake Porozslo where they visited the ecological park of the lake and the aquarium of the environmental center. Next the group visited the spa of Aqua Palace.

Finally, on Friday 20th April, all the participants met at the school where the Hungarian students talked to the group about the compost bin of their school garden and the environmental benefits of composting. Next the chairperson of the National Hungarian Compost Centre talked about the aims and objectives of the Centre. Following this, all the group played a game about gardens. The school day ended with planting a symbolic CCR tree at the school garden. The exchange program endedwith a visit to Tropicarium Aquarium and Campona Mall.

C2 Budapest