The first training activity of European program ERASMUS+KA2 CLIMATE CHANGE READY (CCR) took place in Germany from 29/01 to 02/02/2018.

The participants were teachers from all the partner schools, namely:

1. Gantzagsschule Jenisch Gymnasium, Hamburg, Germany (coordinating school)

2. Osnova sola Ivana Cancarja Vrhinka, Vrhinka, Slovenia,

3. Agrupamento de Escolas de Mem Martins, Sintra, Portugal,

4. Klebelsberg Kuno Altalanos Iskola es Gimnazium, Budapest, Hungary,

5. Sant Nicolau Agrupacion Pedagogika, Sabadelle, Spain

6. Ralleio geniko Lykeio Thileon Peiraia, Peiraias, Greece

Ralleio participants were the following members of CCR pedagogical team: the Director Mr S. Oikonomidis, the assistant Director Mr D. Aggelidakis and A. Keskesiadou (Greek Language Teacher).

The Greek participants reached Berlin by train from Hamburg and were guided to the sights of central Berlin. On 29/01/18 they visited the Physics Institute of Humbolt University where they were guided by university personnel specializing in ecological constructions and energy efficient buildings . Special emphasis was put on the measurements referring to electricity, water and heating energy consumption as well as on the role of water evaporation in the cooling of the planet and the mediation of climate change. On the same day they also visited Ufa Fabric, a social enterprise located in a building complex for various uses. This complex is a model of sustainable management where various alternative energy resources are put in use.

On 30/1/2018, the participants sailed around the port of Hamburg and reached the island of Wilhelmburg where they visited an old coal warehouse used as a bunker during World War II, which is being used for the production of energy through fuels and alternative means.

On 31/1/2018, the participants visited DKRZ (DeutchesKlimarechenzentrum), a research center with one of the most powerful supercomputers of the world, which can make climate change predictions based on data processing and models. On the same day they visited the German school where they were welcome by the Director of the school. During the teachers’ meeting the following were discussed and agreed upon:

  1. The voting for the best CCR logo will take place at the transnational meeting in Slovenia, as some partner schools need more time
  2. Regarding future mobilities, all expenses for transportation within the hosting country, admission to museums and tuition fees will be covered from the management cost fund of each partner school and not of the hosting school. The cost estimate for each future mobility will be agreed upon by all partners.
  3. There will be no CCR Facebook page, as the German school is private. The partnership Internet site will be accessible only by the partner schools during the two years of the program and by the public after the end of the program and for four consecutive years as foreseen in the contract.
  4. All schools should make efforts so that the students are hosted in families when travelling.
  5. All allocated sums of money should be well spent and should be entered in Mobility Tool in time
  6. The transnational meeting in Slovenia will take place on the 24th and 25th May 2018.
  7. The Hungarian Coordinator informed the participants about the program of the visit in April 2018.

The Portuguese and the Greek teams presented the program activities in their schools. The Greek team pointed out that all the activities and the teaching and training material produced by the Greek school have already been uploaded in the site of the partnership.

On the fourth day the participants visited the public enterprise CZV sudholstein in Heltingen by the river Elbe, where home waste and rainwater are processed for the production of electricity and heating energy for the area. The participants also took part in workshops regarding the activities of the enterprise.

On 02/02/18, they visited Klimahaus at Brehms harbor, where visitors combine entertainment with learning by taking part in specially designed games reinforcing their environmental awareness, such as the games the participants were involved in World Future Lab.

The Greek Team returned on 03/02/18.

The Coordinator for Ralleio Lykeio

Haralambia Kaneletopoulou, Greek Language Teacher.

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