The 1st transnational meeting in the framework of the European project Erasmus+ “Climate Change Ready” (CCR) took place on 6th-7th November 2017 at Ganztagsschule Jenish Gymnasium, Hamburg.

The participants were from: a) Ganztagsschule Jenish Gymnasium, Hamburg, b) Osnova sola Ivana Cancarja Vrhinka, Slovenia, c) Agrupamento de Escolas de Mem Martins, Sintra, Portugal, d) Klebelsberg Kuno Altalanos Iskola es Gimnazium, Budapest, Hungary, e) Sant Nicolau Agrupacion Pedagogika, Sabadell, Spain, and f) Ralleio Geniko Lykeio Thileon Peiraia.

First Day: The participants were welcomed by headmistress of the Jenish Gymnasium and after the photo of the occasion the working procedure began.

  1. The coordinator Mr. Proeger (Hamburg) referred to the program of activities and the agenda of the meeting and then focused on the Erasmus+ project itself. He outlined the CCR project in general terms and expressed his satisfaction about the active contribution of the Greek school as a partner to the success of the project. At that point, Mr. Proeger mentioned that in October 2017 he had an additional transnational meeting in Greece in order to discuss technical and organizational issues with the new headmaster of the school and the new contact person of the CCR project, since the former headmaster and coordinator of the Greek partner school has been assigned to a different school in Piraeus.
  2. It was mentioned that all participating schools have to report all their activities to the mobility tool and the coordinating school will monitor these reports.

Second Day:

  1. The participants focused their discussion on the activities concerning the implementation of the project. They also set the aims and goals of the project according to the application.
  2. The Greek coordinator pointed out the significance of the Whole School Approach Plan by practicing ways of mediating climate change through innovative teaching methods. The whole school approach aims at integrating as many members of the school community as possible in the project. Teachers, students, family members and community should take part or at least be informed about the progress and the results of the project.
  3. A questionnaire – assessment of prior situation / knowledge created by the Greek headmaster, according to the application, was given to all participants. The answers should be submitted by all partner schools by the end of November. The questionnaire and the results will be published on the homepage as well.
  4. The partners agreed on a school competition in order to create and find a logo for the project. Each school should develop one logo by the end of the year. In the following year all students of the participating schools should have the opportunity to vote on the issue in order to choose the CCR logo. It has not been decided yet whether to have an online voting, which can be practically difficult, or to organize an internal voting of the schools.
  5. A list of the activities of each school should be published on the common homepage so that it is available for all partners. Access to the homepage will be limited to partners only for the time being. The homepage will be accessible by the public towards the end of the project. The Greek director Mr Sarantos Oikonomidis, who developed the homepage in the additional transnational meeting in Greece (October 2017), gave access to all partners and offered support if needed.
  6. A draft of the next meeting in Hamburg was drawn out. The partners agreed to start the next meeting with a short introduction of all schools to be presented during the first part of the first day.
  7. The partners agreed that the first transnational meeting was effective since it achieved its aims and met its goals.