sima-aeiforou-2020-24 We are very glad to let you know that our school was awarded the Sustainable School Label for “its exceptional effort of orienting the school towards sustainability, and mainly for its decade-long consistent efforts, which have made Ralleio an exemplary Sustainable School in Greece”, as mentioned in the letter of Dr D, Kalaitzidis, representative of the Coordinating Committee of the Label and Coordinator for Sustainability at the Ministry of Education.

Sustainable School Label is a certification approved by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and was awarded by NGO Aeiforum and UNESCO ICT Chair for Education in Sustainable Development at the University of Crete following the application and the data which Ralleio submitted regarding the number and the quality of the activities we undertook and concluded successfully despite the excessively hard conditions imposed by COVID 19 regulations. The activities were conducted both online and by physical presence.
The data were collected and the application was submitted in June 2021 with the initiative of Ms Katerina Christodoulou (EFL teacher, Coordinator of European Programs Erasmus+KA2 Erasmus+KA2 AQUAMARIS (Acquiring Marine Ecology Insight for Sustainability) and R4MAD (R4: Raise, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) - Making a difference).