To celebrate Earth Day 2021, in the framework of Erasmus+KA2 program AQUAMARIS, we organized a call among Ralleio students, parents and teachers to bring their recyclables to the school Recycling Station. As we all know, a huge amount of waste ends up in the sea polluting all its ecosystems and harming biodiversity, thus contributing to the climate crisis.

At Ralleio Recycling Station, we collect depleted batteries, used frying oil, electric and electronic devices beyond repair, burnt-out light bulbs, ink & toner cartridges, plastic water bottles, and plastic bottle caps.

We then donate the collected recyclables to various non-profit organizations in collaboration with the Prefecture of Attica. In particular, plastic bottle caps, collected in collaboration with Ralleio Solidarity Team, are exchanged for wheel chairs donated to students of the Special School of Athens. We are proud to say that our plastic water bottle consumption rate has plummeted, as more and more Ralleio teachers and students have turned to using refillable water and beverage bottles!

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