In the framework of the European program ERASMUS +, ΚΑ1 ?Building a learning community in Ralleio?, Ms Magdalini Kokkaliari, Mathematics Teacher, visited senior high school Fj?lbrautask?linn vi? ?rm?la in Iceland on job shadowing from 31-08-2016 to 10-09-2016 for the following educational purposes:

  1. Attending her counterparts teaching Mathematics in classes of both general and vocational secondary education,
  2. Getting to know the methods through which dropout students returning to school are incorporated in the teaching procedures in the subject of Mathematics,
  3. Getting to know the ways and methods through which students with special educational needs are taught the subject of Mathematics, and
  4. Getting to know the ways, methods and materials of teaching the subject of Mathematics through Distance Learning.

The Icelandic school provides two to four-year curricula of general and vocational education. It specializes in ICT and Communication, as well as Health Professions. It is organized according to the Declaration of Bologna, so students select study orientation and the relative subjects. The students who attend two-year programs will pursue further studies at University and the rest will get a graduation diploma. There is a school tradition in distance learning, while in the past two years, the school specializes in programs for returning dropouts, low performance students and students with special educational needs.

Ms Kokkaliari shadowed Ms J?na Gu?mundsd?ttir in her classes of general and vocational Mathematics and was briefed on the way distance learning Mathematics syllabi are organized and taught. She also attended Algebra and Geometry lessons as well as afternoon Mathematics courses for students with special educational needs by teachers J?n?na Gu?r?n Kristinsd?ttir, Monika S. Baldursd?ttir και R?bert ?rvar Ferdinandsson.

Ms Kokkaliari would like to thank the afore mentioned teachers, the Director Mr Steinn J?hannsson, the assistant Director Mr ?lafur H. Sigurj?nsson and the school?s Quality Manager Mr Helmut Hinrichsen for their warm welcome and effective cooperation during her ten-day visit. All the afore mentioned and many other teachers of the school offered her ample information on the Icelandic educational system, the University entry system, the teaching of Mathematics and the daily function of senior high schools. She was also given the opportunity to discuss about similar subjects concerning Greek schools and their practices, and about the general conditions in Greece. Finally, she invited her Icelandic counterparts to Ralleio in the framework of exchanging practices.

Upon return, Ms Kokkaliari shared her experience with her colleagues at Ralleio. The presentation was followed by discussion on the ways in which many of the Icelandic good teaching practices in Mathematics and other subjects could be incorporated in Ralleio.

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