In the framework of the European program ERASMUS +, ΚΑ1, Ralleio Greek Language, Latin and History teacher Ms H. Kaneletopoulou visited Classical Lyceum Istituto Istruzione Superiore ?Michele Amari? in Sicily on job shadowing for the subjects of History and Teaching Italian as mother tongue.

During her stay she also had the opportunity to attend teaching sessions in Latin Language and Literature and Ancient Greek Language and Literature. In addition, in the framework of the subject of History, Ms Kaneletopoulou delivered a short presentation of Greek History and Civilisation to the students of the first class of the Italian school. Her Italian counterpart was interested in using this presentation as an introduction to teaching the subject of Greek History and Civilisation in the future.

Ms Kaneletopoulou also had the opportunity to discuss with the Director and the teachers of the school about the Italian educational system and curriculum and exchange ideas and good practices about the teaching of the afore mentioned subjects. Finally, she was guided by the Italian teachers to the sights of the area and was presented with a series of Italian literature textbooks for the library of Ralleio.

Upon return, Ms Kaneletopoulou presented and shared her training experience with Greek Language, Literature and History teachers at Ralleio and discussed the possibility of adopting various Italian good teaching practices in Ralleio.

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