Partners: Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic

Venue: Theresianische Academie, Vienna, Austria

Dates: 23-30 September 2001

Coordinating Teachers: Z. Nikoli, Assistant Director, EFL Teacher, P.Konstantopoulou (Philologist)

Subject: ?Europe a la carte: Nutrition?

The Greek Project referred to the history of eating habits and their changes through the centuries, presenting the characteristics of the Mediterranean diet. Special reference was made to the dietary habits of adolescents as a means of health prevention and to the important part of physical exercise towards this goal. The project also mentioned the use of the Greek herbs in a balanced diet and the problem of the various additive substances in food these days. The final part of the presentation, which was given in English and French, included recipes for Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

Comenius socrates 2001