The students of B class travelled to the north of Greece for 4 days, from March 28th t0 March 31st . They had the opportunity to visit many monuments and places of interest from different historical periods. In particular, they were guided to the Byzantine church of Saint Demetrius and the Byzantine fortress of Eptapyrgio, which was used as a prison during the Ottoman occupation of the city of Thessaloniki. On March 29th, they travelled to the west of the area and visited the 2nd World War underground fortress of Roupel and Lake Kerkini. On Saturday the students were guided to the archaeological site of Vergina where they admired the archaeological treasures of the period of King Philip and his son, Alexander the Great. On the last day, the students walked around the city and visited the modern sights of the city.

The students were accompanied by the assistant Director of the school, Mr Dimitris Tsilalis and the teachers P. Zoumblios, D. Aggelidakis, G. Katopodis, A. Giourga and P. Kolentzou.